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Providing a new life with clean energy

NewLife SOLAR is the next greatest innovative energy saving company that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars off of your next year’s utility bills. We offer several options to accommodate your energy usage to efficiently and effectively eliminating your electric bill. You can check out all of our products below! We make your new life affordable with easy to obtain financing, incentive programs, and Federal Tax rebates.

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Services We Offer

  • solar install
    Solar Install
    Specifically designed systems to each homes’ DNA. Custom made systems, we provide the top of the line systems that illustrates how energy needs are being met. You can rely on NewLife SOLAR for our excellent customer se...
  • radiant barrier
    Attic Upgrades
    We use Energy Star products that offer a Lifetime Warranty – the reflective insulation, Radiant Barrier, and Product Double-sided single sided foil radiant barrier also available, reflecting, 99% pure aluminum foil with ...
  • Residential Windows
    WINDOWS – Lifetime Limited Warranty Eh as a buyer this statement makes me feel uneasy. Just say lifetime warranty and put an asterisk and explain the limited part in small print below. “These windows are energy smart,...
  • Siding
    The aspects of your home’s exterior is important us. Our siding materials are water resistant, energy efficient, and has one of the highest value rating currently on the market. They have long lasting durability, not to...
  • Doors
    Need a little extra protection when it comes to your vulnerable doors? If so, we have a variety to choose from for increasing family security, our steel doors are Energy Star-Certified which contain a polyurethane foam whi...